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In recent years, Jeff has collaborated on promotional videos for the arts and social sectors, cultural profiles of institutions, events, and individuals, as well as an educational series about blindness and, most recently, feature length documentaries for HBO and PBS's Frontline.

In 2008, through a KWD Project for Peace Grant, Jeff received funds to equip a media lab on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Southern Mexico with video and audio equipment and train a small indigenous youth group to make short films. The youth group and their work is featured at the end of his award-winning undergraduate thesis film, which received the Betty and Harry S. Shapiro Endowed Award in Anthropology at Brandeis University and is distributed internationally by DER. Jeff's work continues to be informed by a strong background in community media and non-fiction story-telling.


He lives in Washington Heights with his wife, Laís.